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We’re getting ready for the initial launch of our services in Ghana. Sign up now and become part of the future.

Our success is depending on feedback from “experts” like yourself. Joining our distribution list will grant you early access – and a way for making your voice heard.

Bambwa in a nutshell


Our goal is to bring relevant content to our users. We’ll offer music, podcasts and other interesting programming to speakers, cell phones and headsets close to you in the very near future. Never a dull moment with Bambwa around!

Innovative services

We want to revolutionize content. As simple as that. Our approach will be different from what you’ve seen in the market so far, based on everything from the technological platform to how we put together the programming – always with relevance in mind.

Local vibes

A key element in everything we do is to involve the local communities. From student journalists and artists to country heroes. We want a fair part of our content to be to – and from – our listeners. Bambwa is that warm blanket which wraps around you and make you feel comfy.

High quality

The team at Bambwa has more than a hundred years of experience in understanding the needs of customers, bringing companies to life and making them shine. We’re building on this solid foundation to bring high quality services to you.

Work with us

If you’re creating content, which you believe would be of interest to Ghanaians, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re right now assembling our dream team of musicians, record labels, podcasters, DJs, journalists and otherwise relevant contributors. Our future depends on you!